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NC Blog free time and M.A.S.H

Here I am finally posting in the blog i started about 5 months ago. I see this blog as a way to give a little bit of a behind the scenes into my professional life as a location sound recordist and how i choose to manage my free time.

The two things that i do with my free time is produce a podcast every week and draw when i get the chance.

Here is this weeks podcast:

This week i am uploading a podcast about the show M.A.S.H as it was a show Josh and I fell in love with. I will admit to being young and seeing this show as old and boring but now i see all the amazing story elements that tell a dark story about war.

I would recommend people take

sometime and rotate it into the cycle of shows that watch while eating dinner.

As a recordist this show reminds me of a time where the cast really worked hard to [and it was the style] project voices and rarely is there a time where you struggle to hear or understand the characters.

The funny thing that i notice about that style is as the actors project you really get a feel for the studios that they shot in. The give away is in the way the sound seems to bounce off the surfaces. Its hard to describe without just using a sample but the voices seems to extend a bit after each line that would rarely happen in tent in an outdoor location.

The reason i see that this is happening really comes from the limitations of the gear. I would imagine that wireless mics were not a thing back in those days and with the quite wide and fast paced dialogue keeping the boom wider would have been ideal.

Another limitation i wonder is if the microphones of the time could handle a large amount of spl [Sound pressure level] before topping out and so the loud voices where kept at a similar tone and hence volume throughout.

Another thing that i have noticed is that when doing long form work its important that you set a good tone and then stick with it in the sound would.

If your recordings have a more boom sound and sometimes allow for the location to bleed into the mics then this is a tone that shouldn't fluctuate unless it has a specific narrative reason.

This isnt really a complaint but more of an observation of the techniques and challenges that the sound recordist would face. There is more i can say about this style of recording but that i might save for a later post.

Till next time!

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